Monday, 27 September 2010

What is Graphic Design continued

These illustrations below are by the artist Keaton Henson and focus on a set of personal portraits. I love his style of drawing, how he uses lots of tiny little lines to show motion and texture. The subject matter is always really dark and shows everyday content in a grimy and atmospheric light. The eyes of the characters he draws very rarely have pupils and often incorporate triangles on there forehead or gnarly pirate like tattoos. I like this distinct flow he adds to his illustrations and how the characteristics of his style of very original.

The quote that relates to Keaton Henson's style of work is; "appropriate, creative, obsessive, frustrating, organized, lives in the detail." I think this applies to his work because of the sheer detail in his drawings. It shows that graphic design isn't necessarily to promote something or resolve a problem but it can be deeper than that. Its all about asking questions. The drawings obviously have some meaning behind them but its up to the audience to decide what that meaning is.