Sunday, 2 September 2012

Summer: Herculanium

During the summer break I also went away with my family to Sorento In the south of Italy, close to Pompey. Further down the line there is another roman town preserved by volcanic ash over 2000 years ago. I found this visit completely and utterly fascinating, In second year I did a brief on spray painting techniques researching into permanent and non-permanent paint. It astounded me that there were paintings on the walls completely intact that had survived for over 2000 years.

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Summer : Museum Visits

Over summer I visited a selection of different museums, this is something I really enjoy doing especially when I was doing my art and design BTEC. I feel that starting the course my interests moved away from fine art, to take a more graphical approach, this summer gave me the time and opportunity to visit lots of different galleries and Museums. Below are a few of my photographs from a solo mission to Glasgow that I endeavored upon, I went to the Museum of Modern Art and the Kelingrove Art Gallery where I got to see Salvador Dhali's Christ.

 I thought the images below, would be ideal for the collaborative brief I have planned with Sadie, as a lot of the subject matter we have chosen to work with is looking at anatomy and mechanics.

 I also spent a couple of weekends staying with a friend just outside of Newcastle, this gave me the opportunity to visit a city I've never actually been to before plus I got alot of reference material for Third year. During my stay I managed to visit The Baltic, Laign and the Biscuit Factory.