Wednesday, 8 December 2010

What if.....

When we received our new group brief we collected all of our research and began to focus on how many un-used/closed down shops there are in Leeds City center. Most of our pictures/statistics aimed in this direction so we felt the most natural thing would be to start researching derelict buildings in Leeds.

We used Google maps to start locating the unused buildings and shut down shops so we had an idea of what we could work with. Below are some screen shots from Google maps showing just a few of the buildings that we found.

After deciding on what subject we were going to focus on we came up with the outline of our initial problem and hopefully how we were going to solve it. The sheets below were just guidelines on what we intended to do.




We decided that we could create an interactive poster to pin up on the buildings for our audience to write their ideas onto.  Rather than basing our interactive poster on all of the diss-used shops in leeds we decided to focus on the area with the biggest cluster of empty spaces, in this scenario is happened to be "Boar Lane" as the pictures show below.

From this point our direction was to focus on turning these spaces into something that the public of Leeds would value rather than just being refurbished into another shopping centre. We created a facebook group and forum that people could post their ideas on. 

The response from our forum that seemed to be the most achievable was to go down the route of putting art in the windows of the shops and unused buildings to almost give the public something to look at.  So rather than trying to make a drastic change to the buildings instead we could simply just focus on how to make them look better.