Tuesday, 5 October 2010

5 sequences

The video below is by the graffiti artist called BLU, he uses lots of stop animation pictures of painted walls to make the artwork appear that its moving.

Below are some sequences of type i created on photoshop showing the stages between light and dark, rotation, opacity, size and removing sections of each letter. 

The video below is a time lapse from one of my favourite artists Blaine Fontana.

My good friend Michael Mooney smoking a cigarette over 6 frames. 

This animation above is Etnies snowboarder Nejc Ferjan showing him free-styling a rail for a sponsorship from Artec snowboards. Link below. 


Below are some drawings i did of an apple slowly being eaten. I thought this showed a sequence how the apple slowly disappears, bit rough/could have been sketched better.

Time lapse of a 2 foot ollie.


Everybody knows Arnie Swartzy is solid;

I guess its a sequence....well kind of.