Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Shepard Fairy Obey Propaganda

Shepard Fairy is an American Illustrator, artist and graphic designer emerging from the late 90 skateboard culture. He is widely known for his street art, becoming more popular in 2008 when he designed the "HOPE" poster for Barack Obama in the U.S presidential election. Originally his work became more widespread because he repeated an image of wrestler "Andre the Giant" through posters and stickers all over major cities of the world. Since then his work has developed and developed producing posters and screen prints for lots of other organizations and companies. Below is a selection of some of my favourite pieces of his work. I like the colours he uses, mainly black and reds and the geometrical shapes that flow throughout each design. Each piece of work has a very defined message behind it that may not always be so obvious, however the conceptual side to his work baffles me!

 "Graphic the effective delivery of a message, idea or concept through the use of visual language."