Monday, 14 May 2012

Product Range Distribution // Don't Flop

I picked to work with the Don't Flop Rap Battle League, because its current, at the peak of its ongoing career and its got lots of links with the city of Leeds. I love street poetry and writing, Don't flop lets anybody and everybody compete for try outs in the league in a professional yet underground fashion. Below is a selection of information about the company, How it originated and what its about. Derived from a few main sources linked below.

Don’t Flop Entertainment was founded in October 2008 by Two friends, Eurgh (Rowan Faife) and Cruger (Freddie Scott-Miller), with the combined aim of rejuvenating the UK rap battle scene by providing a platform for hungry MCs to get themselves seen and heard.

Since it’s inception, Don’t Flop have regularly held events in numerous cities, including London, Brighton, Manchester, Bristol, Liverpool, Norwich, Glasgow, Dublin and more. Once the Cardiff Division is started, every country in the United Kingdom will have represented.

In 2012, over 3 years of dedication is paying off. Don’t Flop currently has 40 000+ Youtube subscribers with 13M+ total views and an ever-increasing interest from new fans of all ages, sexes and backgrounds.

Don’t Flop artists have had Top 10 singles, newspaper articles, invites to feature on other big channels and national television appearances. The company was also featured on the Channel 4 news in March, 2012.

The team of hard-working individuals is ever growing and with a cult backing of youth from all corners of the UK, the possibilities are endless. With an extensive clothing line, record label, events, festivals, tours and so much more on the horizon – to quote Jefferson Price – the Golden Age is right now.