Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Product Range Distribution // Don't Flop Blam

Blam is a new open mic and freestyle night occurring monthly in Manchester run by don't flop. This is another branch out from Don't flop and some of the promotional material for it can be seen below. 

Battle Predictions:

Unanymous vs PedroBoth these emcees wear their hearts on their sleeve and show passion in abundance, so this contest promises to be heated; however I just feel Unanymous has the slight edge in terms of lyricism and will prevail over Pedro’s relentless syllabic onslaught. Unanymous.Frisko vs ElzThis is going to be a funny one. Frisko has the sharper wit, while Elz’s blithe, dramatic pauses and incomparable swagger are sure to elicit a frenzy of hysterics from the Don’t Flop crowd. Based on Frisko’s strength for personals, I think he’ll take this, but it’ll be close. Frisko.Bowski vs EekEek delivered one of the most seamless performances I’ve ever seen in a tryout battle and thoroughly deserved to take the W in London with his well-structured verses and impactful delivery. Bowski has been consistently entertaining as a battler since joining the league, but I just feel Eek will outdo the Lancastrian both technically and performance-wise. Eek.Micky Worthless/Jefferson Price vs Evila/HydefThis promises to be a hotly contested two-on-two, with each side sure to go hard and prove their worth. While Micky and JP will probably be tipped as favourites, but their Warrington counterparts will be no pushovers. 17-year-old Hydef showed real potential in his tryout battle in Leeds last year, while Evila is an accomplished rhymer with clever wordplay and great structure in his verses. This could go either way, but based on stronger team dynamic I actually think the Lancashire lads will just edge this.Evila/Hydef.