Wednesday, 7 November 2012

The Universes Pupils // Unusual Shapes

 I've been thinking about different Ideas for t-shirt designs, continuing with some of the illustrations I did in second year for the book fair brief, I want to experiment with some unusual/impossible shapes & optical illusions. The Universe correlates in the strangest of ways, for example the capillaries in our lungs are very similar to the branches of a tree, the colours in someones pupils look like exploding stars and on and on. I want to experiment with forms that make our brain malfunction, after all that's simply what an optical illusion does, its a malfunction of the brain understanding what your eyes are seeing.

Below is a collection of research into unusual shapes and patterns I've conducted;

Penrose Triangle/square/pentagon

M.C Esher

M.C Esher is an artist I've always had a major liking for, His work baffles me! I like illustrations that make your brain work harder than usual to understand, picking out a starting point in Eshers work usually ends up with me admiring his attention to detail and shape. Below is a collection of my favourite works by Esher;