Tuesday, 15 February 2011

WHAT IS DESIGN FOR SCREEN: 2 Of The Best Free Fonts From 2010

After looking on a blog i follow from the CSS awards i came across a page about some of the best free font of 2010. I thought these 2 fonts would be ideal to re-blog because they have both been designed and made for screen. At the end of the design process these fonts will most likely be printed but from start to finish they have been solely crafted to be viewed on a computer.

 The arrangement of the typeface above is really interesting, the letters have a very small kerning and uses thick bold blocked stems to fill out each letter. Individually, the letters might not be as recognizable in comparison to a typeface like helvetica however when viewed as a whole the lettering flows nicely as a set.
Light green and light blue text combined with the white and Grey works together perfectly and this is why i picked out this specific poster. I like the composition of the piece and how your eyes are drawn from the top left hand corner down to the bottom right.