Monday, 26 September 2011

Freshcuts Recordings 12 inch Vinyl - Packaging and Promotion

We love it (Series)
Vinyl 12″
Record cover for “We love it”. A series of exclusive releases pressed on vinyl by Freshcuts Recordings. Limited to 300 copies. This is the first 12″ of the series. The photography concept is based on an evolution of the picture. With every release an object or something else from the artist or the song will be placed in the picture. So the content grows until the last release. The finished series with all releases will be available in a wooden box.

Theres nothing better than Vinyl, I wish I owned some of my own but when you grow up in a generation of MP3's and CD's it hard to get into collecting. The saturated and pastel colours work well against the bold black clean cut type and give the record sleeve a very formal feeling. I like the sticker in the middle of the vinyl, it corresponds to the design on the sleeve and almost completes the whole package.