Monday, 26 September 2011

Talking & Teaching Type - Publishing and Editorial

This double-sided poster promoted Tobias Frere-Jones’ visit to Melbourne for a conference and typographic masterclass. A staged photograph displays contextual examples of his typefaces in various printed material. The type designer is represented in a featureless portrait, a reference to the anonymity associated with his profession.

Design: Hofstede Design
Dimensions: 594mm x 420 mm
Printing: Offset litho
Typography: Mercury Text & Mercury Display

Really interesting fold out poster that personally I only think works because it folds out. The creases of the paper add to the photograph on the back side of the print, giving the image much more definition because the darker areas of the paper where the surface has creased helps to push the image back, but at the same time draws the sections of type forward. Its very well layed out so that when in the process of being unfolded the audience is fed snippets of text, then you fold out the paper in its entirety to see the bigger picture. However when completely folded down you could imagen the oblong shaped piece of paper to simply be a business card.