Monday, 26 September 2011

Trigger Oslo - Branding and Identity

'Trigger Oslo is a new PR company focusing on engaging communication. The identity is developed to create a range of personal signatures within the same visual language and color palette. The colors and design emphasizes an agency that focus on a more welcoming approach, inviting customers for a good conversation and a nice atmosphere rather than the cynical and corporate identities that colors the rest of the industry.'

 Even though the design below doesn't necessarily appeal to me I picked it because of how continuous and flowing the branding works.  From pencils to t-shirts, from cd's to badges you can constantly recognize the same devices used to link them together. Whether its the colour or the type, they both work in the same way to familiarize their audience of what they are looking at so when they look at a second glance they can associate each item with the same company without thinking about it.