Monday, 9 January 2012

7. Italian Liner Andrea Doria, 1956

  • Date of Ship Wreck: The most famous Italian Liner wreck dates back to July 1956.
  • Place of Wreck: The Wreck took place at the coast Massachusetts.
  • Goods carried: It was the most luxurious ships of its kind and was facilitated with modern features. There are no evidences about the exact amount of loss and the goods present in it.
  • Cause of Wreck: The wreck happened when the luxurious flagship of the Italian Line collided with the Swedish liner Stockholm in heavy fog off the coast of Massachusetts. The Blame was placed on both the captains because they misinterpret what their counterpart is doing.
  • Loss of Human Life: It was big disaster and claimed 46 lives.
  • Economic Loss: It was definitely a humongous economic disaster for the Italy.
  • Salvage: No efforts were made to redeem the wreckage.