Monday, 9 January 2012

8. Union Ironclad U.S.S. Monitor, 1862

  • Date of Ship Wreck: The Ship Wreck took place in the year 1862.
  • Place of Wreck: The Ship sank near Cape Hatteras, Virginia.
  • Goods carried: It was a first full metal, turreted war ship. It was used in the warfare.
  • Cause of Wreck: The reason for the wreckage is same as stated for the above mentioned wreckages. The Ship fought for many hours against the vicious and notorious gale off the Cape Hatteras, Virginia.
  • Loss of Human Life: Sixteen members of her crew lost their lives in the mishap.
  • Economic Loss: The ship was only one of its kinds and the mishap contributed as an end to revolutionary ships of its era.
  • Salvage: The exact location of the ship was obtained in the year 1973, 16 miles off the Virginia coast. The recovery yielded with a massive steam engine and then in year 2002 its revolutionary turret came out to the surface.