Monday, 9 January 2012

9. Great Lakes Ore Carrier Edmund Fitzgerald, 1975

  • Date of Ship Wreck:  The most famous ship wreck took place on November 10, 1975
  • Place of Wreck: The ship wrecked in the Great Lakes, It is one of the roughest waters to sail upon.
  • Goods carried: Only useful goods were carried no records found that it carried silver and gold.
  • Cause of Wreck: The Ore Carrier Edmund fall prey to the vicious gale, unfavorable weather, 30 feet huge tides. Eventually disappeared and got grounded to the sea bed.
  • Loss of Human Life: All of the crew, consisting of 29 members drowned with her.
  • Economic Loss: No such effect on the Economy.
  • Salvage: Surveys were done to dig out the original cause behind the ship wreck and was found that 800 long bottom was completely destroyed by the tides causing the ship to sink in a mere minutes.

    The Youtube channel below is packed with videos of underwater dives around the wreck;