Thursday, 18 October 2012

Collaboration // Retail Graphics : Subject Matter

So far me and Sadie have had multiple meetings discussing our brief, talking about our ideas for wall pieces, exhibitions, installations and research.

High street shops entice customers into purchasing their products, by providing an environment that can become associated with the act of buying into their label. Explore how retail graphics, installations and exhibitions are used within shops to suit and compliment the shops content, layout and aura.

-A mixed media investigation of retail graphics and shop interiors with a focus on anatomy and mechanics. Using screen-print and laser cutting we want to look into multi-layered posters, wall hangings and 3 dimensional pieces of print. This will be proposed to a high street shop tailoring our ideas to a specific audience.

Skill set: Digital Illustration, Hand Rendered Illustration, working to exhibit, screen-printing, laser-cut

Below is some research into the sort of areas we'd like to exploring, clarifying our proposals for experimental print methods and subject matter.

I came across the artist Josip Kelava who is a graphic designer who works with both type and image. Me and Sadie had discussed focusing our project on Anatomy and mechanics so the illustrations in the publication below really caught my eye.

These double layer prints caught my eye because of how detailed they are, In terms of illustration I feel as if I use the same principals, focusing on intricate details and line work.

The Graffiti artist below Nychos dismantles his subject matter and separates them out into anatomical layers, i.e the skin, muscles arteries and capillaries, veins, and bones.

Another massive inspiration, is Leonardo Da Vinci, his anatomical drawings are something I've previously done research into and they still amaze me. I think his initial sketches are really good reference material in understanding the body in terms of drawing, proportion and position.

Another graffiti artist that came to into my mind was Roa, He paints mainly black and white characters, looking at animals and anatomy. Even though we want to focus on human anatomy I thought some of his pieces were really relevant.