Friday, 5 October 2012

Collaboration // Retail Graphics : The royal Armouries and Leeds Archives

On Friday to start pushing mine and Sadie's Collaborative Brief forwards we arranged a trip to Leeds archives to Look at bones, anatomy and taxonomy. Our brief is focused around a shop installation piece, with the subject matter or anatomy and mechanics and how they cross reference each other so we got some really good reference material to get started with.

Leeds Archives - Animal Anatomy

Animal Heads/Plaques

The Royal ArmoriesThis was such a good experience, we got to watch a live samurai demonstration whilst re-searching at the same time. I Found the museum quite depressing by the end of it, as I realized that everything I was looking at had one design purpose only, which was to kill. But after looking at hundreds of guns, swords and knives I got some really good Ideas of incorporating some of these items into some of mine and Sadie's drawings of animal skulls etc.