Saturday, 20 October 2012

Collaboration // Retail Graphics : Shop Research

On Friday me and Sadie ventured into town to start gathering ideas and opportunities for our shop exhibition/retail graphics brief. Our main port of call was Urban outfitters purely because this had been a shop that stuck in our minds in terms of creative and diverse ways of arranging and manipulating a shops interior.

Me and Sadie had found we slightly jumped the gun in terms of starting research and producing practical work prior to finding our audience. We thought that if we could find a store who was willing to let us produce work for them it would really help us to define our subject matter and target market, helping the design process run much more smoothly.

We tried to chat to as many shops as possible proposing our ideas and the brief we had written, we had a lot of positive responses but we found finding the right people to talk to was hard in bigger more commercial stores. In Republic we got chatting to one assistant who gave us the details for the head office and showed us a couple of big walls that he personally felt were very empty. If we could pursue an opportunity with Republic I think we could produce some intriguing work for them, we plan to take the details we received and put together some proposal boards to take down to their head office.

Below are a few images of the interior of Urban Outfitters on the high street looking at the existing ways they use retail graphics, installations and artwork to decorate and emphasize their brand.

Below are again some images of Republic, one of the stores we had the most positive response from. We noticed that some of their signage for the changing rooms didn't necessarily correspond to their signage and way finding for other aspects of the store, this could be something to think of in terms of proposal boards.

Best, is a small independent clothing store that's just expanded to having a 3rd floor. They're small and have a much more personal aura rather than a big commercial high street shop, so I would feel much more comfortable producing work for them. We were shown around and pointed out to specific spaces they suggested we could work with, however it seemed like we would be only given the opportunity to re-design their way finding which wasn't exactly what we had in mind.

Below are a few pictures of On the wall, a shop that sells a selection of prints and t-shirts, not exactly a clothing store but always worth an ask. We got chatting to one of the managers who said they wanted knew signage producing, however it was using their existing design, so me and Sadie would be left with nothing to produce.

Below is a window installation and Louis Vuitton, good example of creative window display.

The images below are from a small clothing shop in the arcades that's actually owned by all saints. When we planned our brief me and Sadie wanted to work with the subject matter anatomy and mechanics so when walking past the window we immediately stopped. The walls were decorated with photocopies of Victorian newspapers that were tea stained, old photo frames and animal skulls.