Wednesday, 25 May 2011

What is Graphic Design - Part Three Erik Jonsson CD Design

Below are a couple of CD covers produced by one of my favourite designers Erik Jonsson. 

The CD cover above has been composed really well and everything seems to fit nicely into the square bounding frame. The car doors and surroundings almost direct your eyes to the title in the middle because of the perspective of the photo. To tie the image together it looks like the photograph has been given a orange/yellow filter, helping to colour match with the centered title. The type is fresh and definitely works keeps the viewers attention by being placed directly in the center.

This sort of design reminds me of the sort of people who start hating a band when they get famous and instead they search out for something that nobody else has heard of just to be different. Its hard to note down into words but apply the same rule to design, and i could see people going out of there way to pick up CD's like these because they're not the standard thing you see when walking into HMV.