Tuesday, 24 May 2011

What is Graphic Design- Part Three Sawdust's F&W (Fixed & What) 2011

Below is a magazine spread designed by the design company sawdust for a launch publication of the bike blog fixed and what. It appealed to me because of the interesting and eye-catching layout it used and the good used of type. 

The audience reading and viewing the double page spread would most likely be cyclists using fixed gear bikes. The type in the middle immediately got my attention because of the modifications to each individual letter anatomy, Interesting little adjustments to keep you engaged. I was then are pushed back by the image on top of the bike then to follow the text down the page on the left. You could say the rule of three has been applied to the layout of the page categorising the type and image into sections,  for example The heading in the background, the bike image in the foreground, and the text + images on the left hand side of the page.