Wednesday, 25 May 2011

What is Graphic Design - Part Three ANDWOT clothing

Another clothing company I'm loving at the moment is ANDWOT, a small skateboard apparel company from Birstol started in 2009. I swear that in the next few years they're definitely going to be a massive hit across the countries skateboarding community.

What is Graphic design for?
In this case the purpose of design is to communicate a branding in an interesting and engaging way dedicated to a specific auidience of young people interested in plain 'in your face' design.

The nautical theme is something that springs up across most of there ranges using imagery such as anchors, life rings, sailors rope etc. I like this consistency throughout their piece of design, and hopefully the more and more ranges of clothing that they bring out with follow the same theme. That way the branding will become much more recognizable down to the subject matter they choose.