Tuesday, 24 May 2011

What is Graphic Design- Part Three Sawdust Be events 2009 A4 flyer


This flyer (Front on the left, back on the right) define the areas of graphic design that i want to work towards, i love electronic, vivid almost space influenced design and being able to produce a piece of work like below would be top!

To start, the "2009" type on the front of the fold out flyer is what firstly caught my eye, the rainbow of mixed colours and the sharp edges of the typeface work really well together and serve the purpose to represent the event they are advertising.

The arrangement of the type of the back of the flyer is also very interesting, Again vivid colours have been used as the fill colour for dates of the artists playing, complimented by the off white text that flows across and beneath the headings. Not only that, but the text has been set out in such a visually pleasing way that it keeps you reading what is in front of you.

The flyer is part of a series of promotional material so i would imagen that this would be something you could pick up in shops, the back of a magazine or maybe a handout by reps in the street. This widens the market but limits the things you could do with the flyer, for example as the audience you are delivering the flyer to may not appreciate good design its better to keep things plain and simple. Illustrations/images over complicating the page would be contrary to what they are trying to achieve, as this flyer is more about communicating information well rather than baffling the audience with some fantastic piece of artwork.