Tuesday, 24 May 2011

What is Graphic Design- Part Three Joshua M. Smith Laser Etched Pieces


Below are some commissioned artists etched work for a show last month in San Francisco. I love the detail in the illustrations especially the way the animals characteristics have been captured just using a single tone. The wooden backdrop and the grain of the wood adds to each design and makes the detail in the faces of the animals flare. 

A potential audience could be high end skate shops selling limited addition decks to fans of skateboarding and design, I know i would definitely have one of these mounted on my wall. Using the skateboard deck for such a detailed piece of artwork almost changed its use from just being a skateboard,  instead it becomes a canvass this opens the end of the market that they could be directed at.

The deck above is definitely my favourite, the thin lines around the owls eyes really capture the texture of its feathers, this fine delicate style of work is reflected on by the art nouveau patterns in the background. Badaboom looks fresh!