Tuesday, 24 May 2011

What is Graphic Design- Part Three Creative Review John Sibbick's Flesh and Bone


Found this whilst browsing on creative review, an interesting fold out booklet of animals and animal anatomy illustrated in pencil. The animals are so realistic and accurate that this is a perfect demonstration of the accuracy of Jogn Sibbicks rendering with a pencil, I need to try and get drawing for more than an hour everyday if i want to aspire to being anything close to this.
Below is a little bit of information on the artist.

"Sibbick has been drawing animals for about 25 years and is probably best known for creating prehistoric landscapes abound with dinosaurs and other ancient beasts. He regularly produces a diverse range of meticulously researched creature illustrations for clients including National Geographic, Puffin Books, and London's Natural History Museum. Here's a look at his just-published Nobrow publication, Flesh and Bone: A Colouring Concertina..."

The function and purpose behind the booklet could be more than just the obvious. The book's main purpose is to be coloured in, however it could be left as it is, folded out and read, or maybe even just displayed on your wall because of the detail in the illustrations.

From the front to back the animals loose their flesh and fur but to remain in the same positions giving you the opportunity to interact more with what you are looking at. I'm a bit fan of anatomy and the more I'm thinking about it the more i need to buy this book! If you're the same then there's a link below;