Saturday, 12 November 2011

Colour For Print - Branding and Identity

Bota Bota Branding
Really good piece of design using a fading monochrome image to keep the range consistent, The neutral colour of the stock works well with the overprinted dark grey image. Ties the pieces together.

Co-orperate branding for company Amova
Nice consistent branding most likely printed through the lithograph CMYK process because of being a piece of design that would most likely be on a high run printed at mass.

Clase Bcn Monochrome Branding

Picked these out solely because of the imagery used across the range of prints, I'm definitely digging the museum like animal images. The monochrome and sky blue create a very well balanced feel although the colours are almost clashing.

Clasebcn Corporate Identity for Arts Santa Mònica
Alike the post above these posters and handouts for the Arts santa Monica were produced by the design company Clasebcn, I like how the white areas of the page really push forward the shapes and sections of vibrant colour. The colours look like they would be spot colours because of their hue and vibrancy I dont think they would be able to be acheived using a CMYK process.

Cinereach Branding (Mailshots)

The red shapes in the piece of design below would have been printed using tints of the same tone of red. I like the the red ontop of black works, you can pick out some idea of the photographs in the background but the red just adds a little bit more depth to what you're viewing.

Si Special - Mode x DaMa CMYK