Sunday, 13 November 2011

Wagner Industrial Spray Paint

Wagner are a company that manufacture industrial spray painting products for use on all surfaces. Whether its to respray a factory or paint a large stretch of fences they sell a range of products that put cans to shame, they can cover a much larger surface area than your area spraycan because of the nature of the product.

Wagner spray painting techniques:

Paint spraying technique: The most important things to know for optimal coating results

-Keep recommendation on viscosity according to instruction manual.

-The surfaces to be covered need to be clean, dry, free of dust, fat - and in the case of metals rust. The micro-thin atomized paint particles settle on the surface to form a wafer-thin film.

-Practice with sample pieces before working on the actual object. This is how you can learn a lot about optimal output settings and the different spray jet settings.

-When using solvent-based paints make sure that there is a good air circulation. Use respiration protection if necessary. Prior to making your purchase you might also want to think about suitable waste management.

A bit of a cheesy JML video but a good example of the type of spray painting products they produce.