Saturday, 12 November 2011

Colour For Print - Publishing and Editorial

Neil Donelly Pirámide #1, 2010 Magazine

I picked out the magazine below because of the minimal but interesting selection of colour used. The intention of the magazine is An architecture publication commissioned by Mexican art magazine Celeste. Edited by José Esparza and Tal Schori. The greens and reds give it a really vintage feel, they're . I would think that if the magazine was manufactured on a big scale that the colours would be a spot print, but It could of also been screen printed.

Definition of spot colour;

The widely spread offset-printing process is composed of four spot colors: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key (black) commonly referred to as CMYK. More advanced processes involve the use of six spot colors (hexachromatic process), which add Orange and Green to the process (termed CMYKOG). The two additional spot colors are added to compensate for the ineffective reproduction of faint tints using CMYK colors only. However, offset technicians around the world use the term spot color to mean any color generated by a non-standard offset ink; such as metallic, fluorescent, spot varnish, or custom hand-mixed inks.

When making a multi-color print with a spot color process, every spot color needs its own lithographic film. All the areas of the same spot color are printed using the same film, hence, using the same lithographic plate. The dot gain, hence the screen angle and line frequency, of a spot color vary according to its intended purpose. Spot lamination and UV coatings are sometimes referred to as 'spot colors', as they share the characteristics of requiring a separate lithographic film and print run.

Play On Catalogue- The Internal Office

This retro looking book appealed to me because of the perspective of the instruments in each photograph. The pages would have been printed monochrome with the blue as the spot colour. I think It would have been nice to have the type in a slightly darker shade of blue so you can differt between the two.

Germany 101- The International Office


On Lab- The spontaneous City

Full colour book print with lasercut windows.

OnLab - Dataflow 2 Book

CMYK full colour book


Monochrome newspaper