Friday, 11 November 2011

London Evening Standard-Views on spraypainting

Cleaning up graffiti in London costs more than £100 million a year

Graffiti has more than doubled in six years and estimates suggest it is five times worse than in 1995

Each year, LU spends up to £10 million replacing etched glass and removing station graffiti

It has given up removing trackside graffiti unless it is offensive, due to the cost

This year, bus company Arriva reported that from a fleet of 25 new buses, 85 windows had been etched after just one month

Londoners put the problem as third only to crime and traffic as the factor most damaging to their quality of life

Estate agents estimate house prices can drop by 10 per cent when an area is blighted by graffiti

Websites dedicated to graffiti have sprung up and video footage of children "bombing" a bus can be downloaded