Saturday, 19 November 2011

Legal Wall Resarch

For the making of my 4 four postcards I needed to select 4 legal graffiti walls in the U.k to advertise, I started looking on forums and blogs for the best places to paint and the four places I selected are below. For my research I would need to find out the addresses of each place, give them a rating, and device some local info on what its like as a place to paint.

Lakeside Graffiti Wall

a huge wall next to river thames. 1.6 miles (2.6 km) long! 6.5 feet high.
exit junction 30 of M25. nearest rail station: chafford hundred.

Legal graffiti wall around St Clements Road, Grays, Essex, UK

The Pit - Labroke Grove
The oldest and most famous Hall of Fame in London. Just off Golborne Road.
It is situated on Wornington Road near the junction with Goldbourne Road. It is in a Basketball court set below pavement level.

Legal graffiti wall around Wornington Rd, Kensington, Greater London W10 5, UK

South Bank London

multiple walls, part of an underground skate spot

Legal graffiti wall around Thames southbank, London, England

Legal graffiti wall around Waterloo Bridge, Lambeth, Greater London, SE1 9, UK


230 feet long brick wall. kinda awkward for productions because the wall is on a gentle slope, so in some places the height of the wall is 'staggered' like steps. i think i've made it sound worse than it is!

Legal graffiti wall around King's Rd, Leeds, Leeds, LS6 1, UK