Saturday, 12 November 2011

Colour For Print - Information and Wayfinding

Jung + Wenig

Inspirational piece of print, Love the sharp colours again the solid black and grey, The layout it quite complex and the information could be presented a little less overpowering. I think that the Green, Yellow and Orange would be a spot colour because of their vibrancy, and they greys looks like tints of the same tone.

The Luxury Of Protest

Irresistable Attraction wayfinding

Tate Modern Leafley - Holmes Wood

This tate gallery leaflet below has been printed as a full colour cmyk print using the lithograph process but I imagine that the pink has been achieved using a spot colour and the tate gallery will have strict guidelines to the colour of their branding. The stock looks rather intriguing the front appears to be quite glosyy but the back print with the floor plan looks like the paper is matt.


Colour Happy 153

The layout and colours in the piece of design below really appeal to me, I like the links between the arrangement and subject, science is a very accurate and systematic subject, this reflects in the way each coloured square has been arranged, precise and to a grid. The poster could have been a 7 colour screen print but realistically for its purpose that would be too lengthy, I think the colours would be easily achieve in cmyk and would have been printed using lithography.

Jiminie Ha Princeton University Joint degree Program Informative posters

Clean cut, type driven design is efective and communicates information in a way that both appealing and educational. The red on the posters below is a 1 colour spot print.

Britistics Infographic

This monochrome information pack what made to highlight some of the facts that about what makes us british, british. Even though the booklet has been printed in monochrome and only uses shades of greys and blacks I think this adds depth to the way the information has been arranged.