Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The Luxury Of Protest - Information and Wayfinding


The story behind this piece of work is pretty lengthy to get your head around but as a visual piece of design it immediately caught my eye.

The blurb for the print is below;

Description—“maths dreamed universe” is a quantitative visualisation of the manner within which elemental forms in nature order themselves. the graph was created using generative python code and maps numbers 0 to 100,001 arranged in a logarithmic spiral. the form of the spiral is determined by the golden angle subtension of a circle that distributes numbers from the centre (0) to the outer edge (100,001). the pattern that results is frequently found in nature, as in floral organs, and has been documented since archimede's time. the spiral reveals the visual relationships of elemental numbers and the aesthetic beauty of mathematical equations.

the project reflects the contemporary interest in the intersection of science and art – in particular the use of scientific methods to inform art practice. the primary motivation for creating the poster was to visualize the crossover of pure math with graphic aestheticism. the appreciation of what may be termed ‘purely aesthetic forms’ has a long tradition in art and design, but ornamentation is often derided as being little more than a fancy. but what if aesthetic appreciation was functional? what if beauty communicates and is thus open to analytical investigation? “maths dreamed universe” is the first in a series of projects that examines meaning in aesthetics.

process / format—dual-sided screen print : recto side printed in matte black ink, verso side printed in matte white ink. printed by k2 screen london on gfsmith peregrina classics midas dual-sided 120 gsm paper. the paper has a gold sheen when viewed at angle.